An Analysis of the Memphis Nurse-Family Partnership Program View Academic Paper

Professor Heckman’s latest research is a critical analysis of the Memphis Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program. This research puts a widely-known voluntary home visiting program through its most rigorous analysis to date and finds short- and long-term impacts for mothers and their children. Select download to review the full academic paper.  

Early Childhood Education View Academic Paper

Professor Heckman’s new paper detailing the benefits of high-quality early childhood education, the markers of high-quality programs and the need for society to increase access to these programs for more children. To view the one-pager on this paper, click here.

Human Development is Economic Development View Presentation

A 2016, 22-slide presentation by Professor Heckman to the Larger Community Foundations Conference. This presentation offers evidence-based research to support bringing together stakeholders from across health, education, economic development, criminal justice and political parties to reduce inequality, increase human capital and foster economic vitality.