Human Development is Economic Development View Presentation

A 2016, 22-slide presentation by Professor Heckman to the Larger Community Foundations Conference. This presentation offers evidence-based research to support bringing together stakeholders from across health, education, economic development, criminal justice and political parties to reduce inequality, increase human capital and foster economic vitality.

The Dynamics of Capability Formation Presentation View Presentation

Professor Heckman was invited to speak at the HDCA 2015 Conference as the keynote speaker for the Amartya Sen Lecture. The presentation offered recent research on the economics of creating flourishing lives, discussing the importance of cognitive skills, character skills and health.

Lessons from Sesame Street View Statement

A recent study, Early Childhood Education by MOOC: Lessons from Sesame Street by Melissa Kearney and Phillip Levine, has been generating interest and, unfortunately, generalized comparisons with other early childhood programs. As noted by the authors, the study looks at the effects of access to Sesame Street, not at the value of Sesame Street versus…