Social Media Content: Early Investments and Return on Investment for ECE/Childcare

A common argument against expanding early childhood programming is the cost to taxpayers and the burden on state budgets. Research shows these comprehensive, high-quality, birth-to-five, programs have a 13% return on investment and pay for themselves over time. Convince policymakers and your community to invest in early childhood programs from birth.

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  • “The gains are significant because quality programs pay for themselves many times over. The cost of inaction is a tragic loss of human and economic potential that we cannot afford.” Learn more about the value of #ECE investments @heckmanequation:
  • Starting early gives a greater return. Investment in high-quality, early childhood development from birth – it makes dollars and sense. Watch and learn from @heckmanequation:
  • “The rate of return for investment in quality early childhood education is 13% per annum through better outcomes in education, health, sociability, economic productivity and reduced crime.” – @heckmanequation
  • The achievement gap begins at birth. High-quality, birth-to-five early childhood development programs are important for disadvantaged children. Learn more @heckmanequation:
  • “Invest in prevention, not remediation. Invest in flourishing lives, not in correcting problems after they appear.” Comprehensive, early childhood development is key to later success in education and life. Learn more:
  • “Investing public dollars in quality early childhood education for disadvantaged children will provide significant social and economic outcomes in the short- and long-term.”
  • The earlier the investment, the greater the return. Comprehensive #ECE programs that start at birth strengthen families and society. Learn more @heckmanequation