Social Media Content: The importance of quality

Professor Heckman’s research emphasizes the importance of quality in early childhood education and childcare. As states work to expand early childhood programs to more children, the research shows while access to programs is necessary, having low-quality programs does not yield the same results. High-quality programs provide the biggest return on investment and low-quality programs can actually be detrimental to children—especially males.

Remind policymakers that access to high-quality programs is essential using the posts below.

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  • “It makes dollars and sense to target disadvantaged children with quality early childhood programs rather than subsidize low-quality universal programs.” Make the case for quality #ECE for disadvantaged children with @heckmanequation research.
  • Focus on quality, not just access. Quality #ECE and #childcare are key for strengthening families and society for generations to come. Read the research from @heckmanequation:
  • High-quality, comprehensive programs make the difference. Comprehensive programs engage parents, incorporate health and nutrition and start early. Learn more from @heckmanequation research: