Social Media Content: Difference in long-term outcomes for males and females

Males and females benefit differently from high-quality, birth-to-five, comprehensive childcare and early education programs. Professor Heckman’s research explores the differences in life outcomes as they relate to college graduation rates, income, health and more.

Use the posts below to make your case for investments in programs for males or females.

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  • High-quality care is a necessity, not a luxury. Investment in early childhood development improves life outcomes for girls and boys. Learn more: #ECE @heckmanequation
  • Low-quality care actually hurts males. Program quality is key. Read now on @heckmanequation
  • Females who received high-quality #ECE increased high school graduation rates by up to 25% and college graduation rates by 13%. Invest in #ECE to improve life outcomes for girls. Read more on @heckmanequation
  • Males who received high-quality #ECE saw lower drug use and improved health and employment as adults. Invest in #ECE to improve life outcomes for boys. Read more on @heckmanequation