Social Media Content: Benefits of comprehensive programs

Academics are just one component of quality early childhood education. Comprehensive programs that start at birth, involve parents, incorporate health as an input and include a focus on socio-emotional skills are capable of delivering the greatest results for children who need it most.

Remind policymakers that comprehensive programs make the difference for children using the posts below.

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  • Cognitive skills alone are not enough. Social and emotional skills are critical for early childhood development. @heckmanequation
  • “Taking a proactive approach to cognitive and social skill development through investments in quality early childhood programs is more effective and economically efficient than trying to close the gap later on.” – @heckmanequation. Learn more:
  • “Cognitive skills matter but so do things like motivation, sociability, the ability to work with others…self-esteem, ability to defer gratification – these things matter a great deal.” The importance of soft skills: @heckmanequation
  • Socio-emotional skills have greater effects on life success. Early programs must be comprehensive to have the greatest outcomes – a focus on soft skills is important. From @heckmanequation:
  • ECE programs that incorporate health and nutrition drive better outcomes for children and families. Learn more @heckmanequation: