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Health Outcomes
Improving Health Outcomes through Early Childhood Development: Resource Guide
Jun 24, 2014
With the release of Medical Compliance Starts at Birth—the third video in a series highlighting the recent analysis from Professor Heckman and colleagues that shows t.
Category  Health Outcomes
A new way to prevent chronic disease: early health, nutrition and education.
Mar 27, 2014
The Perry Preschool study has shown that high-quality early development programs for disadvantaged children can lead to better education, social and economic outcomes for i.
Category  Health Outcomes
Investing in quality early childhood development for disadvantaged children from birth through age 5 will help prevent achievement deficits and produce better education, health, social and economic outcomes. Such investments will reduce the need for costly remediation and social spending while increasing the value, productivity and earning potential of individuals. In fact, every dollar invested in quality early childhood development for disadvantaged children produces a 7 percent to 10 percent return, per child, per year.
- Professor James Heckman
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